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Monday , Wednesday & Friday

9 AM - 2 PM

Monthly tuition cost $575

Family provides a healthy packed lunch

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Daily Schedule


9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Families complete morning routine: put belongings at cubby; lunch on lunch cart; water on water cart; sign in on tablet; check family board; answer question of the day; wash hands. Then children find their journal with their name on it and work with teachers on fine motor/literacy concept. When done, children can free draw or choose a table activity.

Opening Circle

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Unite with song; disengage stress with breathing exercise; connect with Wish Well Wheel; commit to daily schedule; review classroom rules

Bathroom Break

9:45 AM

Children take a bathroom break and wash hands.


9:50 AM

Students will be provided a healthy snack. We will read a story or have a conversation about content.

Circle Time

10:10 AM

Read a book related to themed content. We may do connecting activities (chart, graph, song, project, etc.) to build skills.

Outdoor Time

10:40 AM

Outdoor play and exploration. 

Bathroom Break

11:45 AM

Children come in from outside. Remove and put away outside gear; wash hands and use bathroom.


12:00 PM

Everyone eats a nutritious packed lunch.

Choice Time

12:30 PM

Children choose centers to work in with a friend or independently. Children can change centers as they please. Art, blocks, discovery, library, literacy, dramatic play, sensory.

Small Groups during Choice Time

1:00 PM

Themed activities and materials are added each week.

Closing Circle

1:45 PM

Unite with song; disengage stress with breathing exercise; connect with recall of learning; commit with a home-school connection; individual goodbyes

Pick Up

2:00 PM

Sign out child from tablet; retrieve belongings from cubbies, carts, and art drawer.

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